Does Sparkling Water Stain Clothes or Carpet?

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If you think you just made a sparkling water stain on your favorite shirt, a piece of fabric furniture, or the new white carpet, there’s no need to worry.

Sparkling water does not leaves stains in most cases. In fact, club soda is often used as a cleaning solution for a variety of types of stains. Some people even use sparkling water to wash their faces.

Sparkling water will only leave a stain if it contains dye, sugar, artificial sweeteners, or a high concentration of dissolved minerals. You’ll know if it contains a lot of minerals if it is labeled ‘mineral water’ or ‘sparkling mineral water.

Even if you did stain a piece of clothing, carpet or furniture with sparkling water, there are some very easy ways to remove the stain.

How to Remove Sparkling Mineral Water Stains

Most brands of sparkling water or club soda will not stain clothing. Common brands like LaCroix contain no added minerals and are not likely to leave a stain on your clothing.

However, sparkling water from natural sources – often labeled ‘sparkling mineral water’ is more likely to leave a stain.

Whether naturally occurring or added to the water, dissolved minerals can leave some fabrics looking discolored. Tap water – which also contains minerals – can even stain some sensitive fabrics.

The good news is that sparkling water stains can be removed easily using simple methods and common household materials.

How to Remove a Sparkling Water Stain From Clothes

The easiest way to remove a sparkling mineral water stain from a piece of clothing is simply to wash it. You can use regular laundry detergent and wash the garment as normal. This method will usually take care of a water stain.

If washing the clothing does not work, there is another method you can try:

  1. Turn the garment inside out and lay it over a towel on an ironing board
  2. Set the iron to an appropriate heat for the garment
  3. Dampen the stained area with a wet rag
  4. Iron the dampened area with until dry
Couch and other furniture

How to Remove a Sparkling Water Stain from Carpet or Furniture

Since mineral water stains are alkaline, the cleaning solution should be acidic. A blend of distilled white vinegar and distilled water should be tough enough to remove almost any hard water stain.

  1. Mix ½ cup distilled white vinegar with 2 cups of distilled water
  2. Dip a cloth into the mixture and wring it out until it no longer drips
  3. Press and blot the cloth into the stained area to dampen it
  4. Place a stack of paper towels over the dampened area and place a heavy item on top of it to absorb the moisture gently
  5. Change the paper towels periodically after they have become saturated with water
  6. Dry the fabric or carpet using a hairdryer on a low heat setting

How to Clean with Sparkling Water

Sparkling water has a ton of handy uses around the house. You may be surprised to learn that you can even water your plants with it!

You may also have heard that club soda can be useful for removing certain stains. While it is not considered a highly effective cleaning solution, everyone seems to have a story about it effectively removing a stain. The key is to act quickly after a spill occurs.

While definitions of sparkling water can vary, unflavored sparkling water with little or no minerality is essentially the same thing as club soda.

Certain sparkling water brands like LaCroix Pure (unflavored) have no added salt, minerals, or flavoring. That means these beverages could serve the same purpose as club soda when it comes to stain removal.

However, don’t try to use tonic water, soda, or anything flavored to remove stains. Sugar will certainly not help, and anything colored is likely to create yet another stain.

Cleaning with Sparkling Water is a Simple 4-Step Process

  1. Pour sparkling water over the stain
  2. Scrub the stain – carpet can withstand a vigorous scrub, while clothing may require gentle blotting
  3. Rinse the stained area with clean water
  4. Blot the area with a dry cloth and repeat as necessary
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What Stains Can Sparkling Water Remove?

The right type of sparkling water can be used to clean anything club soda could clean. While results are not guaranteed, sparkling water is worth a try for a variety of stains, including:

  • Sugary drinks
  • Red wine
  • Grease and oil
  • Pet stains

The key to stain removal is acting fast. If you’re able to dab the stain with sparkling water before the stain dries, you are more likely to be successful in removing it.

However, sparkling water is not some miracle stain remover. A small amount of stain residue may be left behind, which may require additional cleaning methods, or even the help of a professional drycleaner or carpet cleaning company.

Still, sparkling water is a great place to start when you find yourself in panic mode after spilling a drink or a pet has urinated indoors. If you have it on hand, it’s certainly worth a try.

What Stains Sparkling Water Won’t Remove

Sparkling water may remove some stains, but it’s not ideal for cleaning all types of soiling – especially solvents. Avoid using sparkling water or club soda to clean any of the following stains, as it could actually make matters significantly worse:

  • Pen ink stains
  • Paint
  • Adhesives
  • Nail polish remover
  • Lighter fluid

Is Sparkling Water a Good Stain Remover?

Unflavored sparkling water with low mineral content can be a somewhat effective stain remover for soft drink, wine, and pet stains. It’s often readily available, and that’s helpful with one of the most important aspects of stain removal – acting fast.

However, sparkling water is far from the most effective stain remover around. It may significantly reduce the impact of a stain, but additional cleaning may be necessary.